1. How is OnliDoc different from clinics and hospitals?

    The system of medical treatment has long been fragmented, time consuming and costly. OnliDoc is an innovative venture committed to bring about equity, equality,accessibility and cost-effectiveness in medical treatment through state of the art technology and management. OnliDoc provides remote consultation, options of specialists, search of suitable treatment, treatment management, buying medicines online, generic medicines, cost effective and reliable diagnostic services.

  2. How can I search a doctor for treatment/advice?

    After registration when you run OnliDoc app, tap on “Search Doctors” on upper left corner on the screen. It will lead you to another screen showing “Select Location” and “Select Categories”. Select the country of doctors you want to take service from. Select the medical specialization from which you need consultation from and tap on search button. It will show the list of doctors with along with the information of their qualification, specialization and fee. You can select any of the doctors from the list.

  3. How can I book an appointment?

    You can book an appointment by two methods. First, you search a doctor and tap on the “Check Availability” button and select date and time to see the availability. If the doctor is available, select the doctor and make the payment to book the appointment.

    Second, at the home screen tap on “Appointments” button on right upper corner. It will lead to the screen showing Schedule Appointment and My Appointment. Under Schedule Appointment you will see “Book New Appointment” button. Tap on that button. It will take you to the screen where you can select the patient (self, my child or someone else) and the specialization of the doctor you require. Taping the “Next” button will show you the calendar, you can specify date and time. It will show you the list of doctors available for the time you have selected. Choose a doctor and make the payment.

  4. Do I have to pay for the Follow Up appointment?

    If the follow up appointment is booked within the seven days of the previous appointment, no charges shall be paid for the follow up appointment. In other cases, the appointment fee shall be charged for the follow up appointment.

  5. If I cancel the appointment, will the appointment fee be refunded?

    If you cancel a booked appointment FOUR HOURS before the schedule of the appointment, the appointment fee shall be refunded.

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